Regal Assets Canada Review


Regal Assets Canada is the Canadian-based sister company of award-winning US bullion dealer and gold investment brokers Regal Assets.

Regal Assets now offers Canadian investors a trustworthy and reputable precious metals brokerage service specializing in adding precious metals to Canadian retirement accounts (RRSPs & TFSAs) at market-leading low fees to provide a tax-efficient retirement investment.

The US based parent company is legendary for its market leading customer service, low premiums and fees. Their in house group of professionals handle all aspects of building a precious metals retirement portfolio at no additional cost. Precious metals are available for delivery or secure vaulting when you choose for a retirement account.

With over a thousand positive plus reviews on TrustLink, A+ grade on BBB, AAA rating on BCA and ranked the #20 by INC 500, we truly believe this is one of the best companies to trust with your retirement or precious metals portfolio.


Why a Gold RRSP?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan  is a Canadian retirement plan that keeps savings and investments for the future. A Gold RRSP then simply means that your investment asset to your retirement plan is Gold rather than a dollar. A Gold RRSP is also called a Precious Metals RRSP and it is an effective move to balance your portfolio.

​History has proven it over time that the precious metals including Gold are moving in the opposite direction than the monetary system such as stocks, dollar, and mutual funds. Therefore, even with just a small investment on bullion bars or coins, it can greatly help manage and protect your portfolio when a financial crisis happens.

Having a Gold RRSP is a win-win situation. There can only be one result and that is to improve your investment performance. And this can be attained by only two things: either increase profit without increasing risk or reduce risk without significantly affecting your profit. Either way, your investment portfolio remains safe.

Gold has been a proven best investment that offers safety and security while the value of gold never depreciates. So, the more gold you invest, the bigger the returns will be.


Bullion Products

Regal Assets Canada offer Gold, silver, platinum and palladium from all leading brands. Both retail & wholesale pricing is available at


Storage Fees

When purchasing precious metals ALWAYS do your due diligence on the pricing structure of the companies you choose to work with. Unlike many of its competitors who charge a percentage of your investment, Regal Assets charges a Flat Fee of $250 per year, no matter your account size. The problem with scaled (% based fees) is that the fee grows along with your account value. If you have been shopping for vault storage for a while, chances are that you had a hard time getting a straight-forward answer when it comes to pricing. For a flat fee at Regal you get a fully secured, surveillance, segregated storage for a flat yearly fee, no matter the value of your assets.

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